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Penguin Of The Month


17 Responses

  1. Penguin Of The Month, That Sounds Interesting. Chivas, You Follow Me On Twitter! Whoopdedoop777.

  2. the penguin of the month is me Mr Quail!!

  3. sha

  4. denver beet pats there 5-0 shoker!! lol

  5. I wasnt kool background

  6. i want cool background why im doin this

  7. my

  8. name

  9. on

  10. cp

  11. is

  12. Mr Quail

  13. hes

  14. rare nd

  15. famous nd

  16. a beta nd

  17. and awesome thanks for the banner hope u make it soon scn u make my banner with a penguin with navy blue color, the director hat, shadow guy facemask, star necklace, splatter shirt, red guitar, and blue sneakers. PLZZZZ!!!!! CAUSE OF WHT U SAID ON TWITTER

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