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Funny Pictures

Here are some Funny Pictures i created about a week ago!

The puffle wound’t wake up!

funny pictures1

I wonder if they were free?


I was about to commit suicide.


Only 10,000 coins!


That hurt my penguins hears!


I was slippy.


I love Bunny Hill!


Look at my beautiful hair.


The book was with out words.


That sign was mean to me!


I had to pee!


I won the contest!


The telescope pocked my eye!



17 Responses

  1. nice one dude from cooldude401 (twitter)

  2. I love these funny pictures pages !!!

  3. Funny pictures man. I love them. mabey I should put funny pictures on my blog.


  4. Cool pic dude

  5. Awesome!

  6. nice dude

  7. funny but not as good as watex’s ones

  8. Awsome

  9. man those are funny pics

  10. HAHAHAHAH! 🙂 Cool very much cool HAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  11. well heres wat i say HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YOUR FUNNY HA HA HA

  12. this pictures are not funny

  13. i love the pic they are sooooo funny

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