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Cart Surfer Tricks!


When playing Cart Surfer, you can do many different tricks. Here’s a table with all of the tricks you can do in Cart Surfer:

Left Spin – Space + Left (←). = 80 points
Right Spin – Space + Right (→). = 80 points
Back flip – Down (↓) + Space. = 100 points
Crazy Run – Down (↓) + Down (↓). = 80 points
Crazy Leap – Space + Up (↑). = 50 points
Handstand – Up (↑) + Up (↑). = 80 points
Surf Jump – Up (↑) + Space. = 20 points
Cart Slam – Space + Down (↓). = 30 points
Normal Turn – Right (→) or Left (←). = 10 points
Surf Turn – Up (↑) + Right (→) or Left (←). = 10 to 50 points
Cart Grind – Down (↓) + Right (→) or Left (←) = 10 to 80 points

Club Penguin Cart Surfer Cheats

1. For tricks do the back flip, then spin repeatedly.
2. Grind every corner that you can.
3. Crash on purpose to make the track longer.
4. Do not repeat tricks or you get half points.
5. The track is slightly different every time.

With these cheats you can get at least 500 coins every few minutes! My highscore is 548, tell me what your best score is


153 Responses

  1. Cool thanx! Cart Surfers my fave game!
    Al Pizza Gal!

  2. My best score is only 350, Im still trying my best 😀


  3. my high score is 4987.

  4. MY high score is 1,095! NO LIES!

  5. My high score is up there somewhere. It was 439.

  6. press arrow down and then press space br

  7. my best score was about 700 coins.
    i just keep clicking up to get 80 then i click down to get 80 again and i just keep repeating that. I also do the grind trick every corner

  8. my best score is 12006

    i know a cheat

  9. Wow dude thx I will get my score up now!

  10. My best score is like 2000 or more

  11. now u can get stamps and play with your black puffle on cart surfer! AWESOME RIGHT?!?!

  12. u rock i got it good but it is not true!!!

  13. To BaD I AlReAdY HaVe AlL ThE CaRt SuRfEr StAmPs
    Xd ThAnK YoU ThOUgh

    BuH ByE

  14. Lol D: My high score Ish 601 coins Lol YAY RED STAMP XD

  15. My high score is 553. It took me FOREVER to get there tho

  16. My high score is 300. Boo. I really want the 350 stamp! Cart Surfer is 1 of my fave games

  17. My high is 800 after earning all the stamps.

  18. My new high is 864!

  19. my high score is 6000!!!!!

  20. my high score is 448

  21. my best score is 4600

  22. I can’t get anymore money=( I have 1million coins so i cant get 2 stamps and when i spend, it takes too long to lose money =(((

  23. don’t believe coolkid870thunderman87. It’s a lie or a glitch

  24. my highscore is 578 dude .

  25. sorrry its 5778

  26. Thanks a lot. this got me all cart surfer stamps.
    my clubpenguin name is moltres50697 and pass is

  27. thanks!!!!!!!! now i only need the stamp for 350 coins!

  28. thx sooooo much! i wrote down wut 2 do on a postit and put it on the screen so when i played i got all the tricks! then i got the 14 different tricks stamp!!! thx so much!

  29. Hey guys my high score is 457!

  30. mine is 2534

  31. arent there sposed 2 be 14 of em?

  32. my high scroe is 792 coins! if you get all the stamps for it then you get double coins

  33. Sorry but I doubt we’re talkin bout the same game here

  34. the backflip iz not working on my laptop!!!


  35. still trying to get all the stamps!

  36. My best score is 450.

  37. chicken is good for the intestines

  38. om no kikd i did all those tricks like twice each and im serous no kidding absoutly 17568 points!!!im not kidding its sooooooooo cool im rich!

  39. my high score is 748

  40. Do you meen the high score or the amount of coins u get?

  41. by cheating, duh

  42. What did you do to get 4900?

  43. My High Score Is 3524!

    -Pengaweeno,Master Of The Pengaweeno Gang

  44. holy crap.

  45. My highest score is 448.

  46. Guess What!
    My High Score is 6689 and than guess how many coins i got! 490! I just got it right now!

  47. my highscore is 575 coins and all i did was backflip and make my penguin run

  48. 673 BEAT THAT

  49. i need a stamp 8D

  50. my high score is around 400 coins U ROK

  51. Oh what crap im going for a wank

  52. If you get all the cart-surfer stamps you earn double coins!

  53. my best score is 403 but because i’ve got all the stamps for cart sufer i got 806 coins!!!

  54. My highest score: 3327! It took way to many tries to get that but it was totally worth it! Thanks for the tips!!

  55. Oh wait, I also just do the grind all through the game, the points vary so I find it easier to get higher points that way.

  56. thanks it help alot

  57. thankyou i got a few stamps youre so helpful!

  58. this doesnt work because i stink im trying to get stamps

  59. my best score is 520points 😀

  60. as in i got £520, 5200 points aprox ;)))

  61. My highscore is 3750!! 🙂

  62. I got 5,525 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. He got 500 coins because when you get all the stamps unlocked you get double the coins on cart surfer

    but for one stamp how can you do 14 different tricks???!

  64. My best score 10000, Im the best

  65. cooool thankssss

  66. Mine is 353!

  67. my highscore is 6527

  68. my high score is 700 rofl its easy
    also i know how to do beta testing

  69. My high score was 1000!!!
    This is super real!!! On club penguin my name is Vanilla528. if you read this meet me on the server Big surf at the stadium. #Remember my name is Vanilla528!!!!#

  70. I’m on clubpenguin! My name’s Vanilla528 or Safetygirl53!!!! My high score is 10,000!!! If you read this meet me on Big surf at the stadium. *REMEMBER MEET ME AT THE STADIUM AND MY NAME IS VANILLA528 OR SAFETYGIRL53!!!!*


  72. I GOT OVER 900 COINS!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. I LOVE CART SURFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  75. HI!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD

  76. 1400 coins in 4 minutes

  77. my score is 5343

  78. thx for all the tips
    it’s was very helpful.

  79. my best score is 4000

  80. my high score is 3078

  81. MY HIGH SCORE IS 5643

  82. My high SCORE is like 4000 or summtin

  83. my highest score is 3427

  84. also you get more coins if u have black puffle with you

  85. my highscore is 8 million 183 thousand 965

  86. i need 14 trics

  87. mine is 1!!!!! :)))))

  88. mine is 1!!!!! 🙂

  89. I need to find 14 cart tricks, but all that the first person has given is 11… Does anyone know the other 3?


    If you can help, thanks!

  90. my high score is 5642

  91. 2000 my best score
    thnxz for the tricks

  92. 1089

  93. my highscore is1834

  94. my high score is 6221.
    ~nick 4865

  95. my high score is 12063 its seems unbelievable but its true practise practise practise

  96. but in the stamp book it said perform 14 different tricks and there are only 11 there. thanks any way because i’m trying to get two stamps in cart surfer :350 coins and 14 tricks


  98. there is 14 tricks?

  99. My best score is 4239. Add me Gta Jake 1

  100. Your missing 2 tricks. To get stamps, you have to do 12 tricks therefor, there are 12 total tricks on Cart Surfer.


  102. YE!!!!!!!!just got my high score!!!6850!!!!xoxox<3

  103. My score is 5998.Im trying to practice more points…

  104. my hiscor is over 3000

  105. my highscore is 8480

  106. my best score is 4377

  107. My Highest Score Is
    No Joke!
    Thanx Mate!

  108. mine is 1804

  109. My High Score Is 428!

  110. My high score is 978

  111. theres more tricks

  112. I think he means his score, and chill means the coins.
    Or, hes insane.

  113. my best score is 50345

  114. 566 woo (double coin bonus though)

  115. 303

  116. play every game with your black puffle

  117. the backflip doesnt work RIP OFF

  118. WAIT nevermind 😀

  119. Will a black puffle get you extra points?

  120. I finally got (nearly) the 150 coin stamp. 1494 pts

    only 1 below!!!

  121. awesome tricks dude

  122. #5094


  123. My high score is 864 coins!!!

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