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Clubpenguin Cheats

Walk on Water at the Dock:

1. Go to the Dock.
2. Click on the shore by the dock.

Here is what this will look like.




Talk with the Newspaper:

1. Go to the very right, or left of any room.
2. Open up your newspaper, and select the “we need you” button in the top left corner.
3. Select the question box on the submit your content page.
4. Press send when it asks to submit (nothing needs to be written).
5. Go to the main page of the newspaper.
6. Press the Tab button on your keyboard. Type anything in



Rockhopper’s Key:

1. Go to the upstairs of the coffee shop.
2. Open the book called “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.”
3. Flip to the last page.
4. Click on Rockhopper’s Key.

Here is what Rockhopper’s Key looks like.



Dance With Your Puffle:

1. Take your puffle for a walk.
2. Press D on your keyboard to dance.

Here is what this will look like.



Walk on Pathways:

1. Click on the pathway.
2. While walking, click on the Penguin Mail envelope.
3. View the Penguin Mail envelope until you have finished walking.
4. Exit the Penguin Mail envelope when finished walking.

Here is what this will look like



Get into Command Room free secret:

1. Have a friend earn coins on Elite Penguin Force.
2. Upload some to your account on Club Penguin.
3. Go to the HQ.
4. Click on the closet.

Here is what this will look like.



Map Labels Cheat:

1. Open your map.
2. Click and hold on any place of the map.
3. Drag your mouse to the X button on the map and exit out.

Here is what this will look like.



Blank Chat Bubble:

1. Click on the chat bar.
2. Press the spacebar on the keyboard.
3. Press enter on your keyboard.

Here is what this will look like.



12 Responses

  1. Cool!

  2. Wow! The EPF room is awesome!!


  3. cool i remember u , ur following me on twitter

  4. kewl but the blank chat bubble dosent work anymore and thx for following me on twitter!

    crazy piplup

  5. Cool I knew about walking towards exits and staying there

  6. Hey chivas thats great! can we meet on your chat soon?

  7. Hey I’m Flab31590 I saw you on Al Pizza Gal’s blogroll awsome site!

  8. Hi, my name is Mimi40751. I’ve made a Club Penguin cheat/secrets blog. And I hope that in some way it’s unique from all the others.
    Here is the link: http://mimi40751clubpenguin.wordpress.com

  9. These are some nifty cheats

  10. The newspaper thing has changed im not sure what it is but you can still do it somehow…

  11. Ui Hui ich hab einen code eingegeben und der lautet STAYSAFE dan hab ich ein laptobe gekrigt

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