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Screenhog’s Do Not Miss List

You have until December 28 to aprty all you want! Better hurry and play all the games and deliver presents!

Here are some things you don’t want to miss out of:
• Santa’s Sleigh Ride – did you deliver all the presents and get your prize yet?

• Lighthouse Stage – did you get the chance to try out the new song?
• Pictures With Santa – in the Book Room upstairs in the Coffee Shop!
• Coffee Shop – have you tried clicking the toy train running along the top?
• Pizza Shop – have you tried clicking the various plates and foods on the table?
• Toy Trains – speaking of which, did you find all the toy trains around the island? I found 4!
• Did you know? – you can see the giant tree in the Forest from the Cove?
Pretty cool right? Clubpenguin also wants to learn what was your favorite part of the party? What was your favorite party of your party?
-Chivas Main Owner

One Response

  1. Hey! Awesome Site!

    My site, Club Penguin Global News (click my name to get there) which has over 50,000 hits, is hosting a Christmas Giveaway where you can win prizes such as Club Penguin memberships, rare penguins, xats, and a lot more other prizes! This will take place from Dec. 25th to Jan. 8th. If you would like more info, click here. Let’s all have some holiday joy this winter!

    -wex 😉
    Club Penguin Global News Owner

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