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Clubpenguin Newspaper

Hey guys, Clubpenguin has launched the newspaper Also it’s Christmas Eve. I will be having a special post tommarow on Christmas Day. Well he is all about the newspaper:

  • Kids Who Are Poor: 33%
  • Kids Who Are Sick: 32%
  • The Environment: 35%

Coins For Change_1

On December 27th, The Club Penguin Christmas Party will Wrap Up and Come To An End. Some of you may have noticed Aunt Arctic Sweeping the Island. She’s helping Santa Claus Deliver all our Christmas Presents.

Aunt Arctic_1

All The Winners of the Club Penguin Christmas Igloo Decorating Contest Have been announced in The Club Penguin Times. The Following Penguins are the Main Winners:

Penguin Winners_1

Congratulations to all the winners! They all hade the best house. I will have a post tommarow about Christmas to yuou should stay tuned! Happy Christmas Eve!

-Chivas88 Main Owner


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