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Clubpenguin Scavenger Hunt!

Hey guys today is the Adventure party. Here are the things you find for the Adventure Party:

1. Click on the binoculars in the upper right part of the screen to start.


2. Now go to the underground pool, and click on the fish.


3. Now go to the Cove and click on the big curly leaf.flowers

4. Now go to the Dock and click on the little turtle.


5. Now go to the Snow Forts and click on the flowers.


6. Now go to the Iceberg and click on the water sprinkle in the water to get the whale.

shouting water

7. Next go to the Plaza and click on the flower in the upper right.


8. Now go to the Beach, and click on the bubbles in the water for the grape jelly fish.


9. Lastly, go to the Forest and click on the flower.


Isnt that cool. Now you click the binoculars and you claim your preize. Which would be a background!


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