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Clubpenguin Newspaper #189

Clubpenguinhas released the newspaper, and there’s some good info in it. Rockhopper’s plants are continuing to grow, and we know why they are. There will be an adventure party, and a new mission coming soon to solve this issue. Rockhopper’s here until June 21st, so make sure to find him fast!


Ninjas will have new features on Club Penguin. They will be able to access to the new Card-Jitsu board through clicking on the board, or through their player card inventories. You will be able to see all your info at the Ninja Hideout, Dojo, or the Courtyard.


The Dojo Igloo Contest begins June 1st. Decorate your Dojo igloo! 10 grand prize winners will receive 25,000 coins, and 10 runner ups will receive 15,000 coins! Here are some details.


There’s a new puzzle in the Club Penguin times called Dot to dot! Here’s a picture of the details for the game.


When you connect the dots, the picture looks like this:


Lastly, here are the upcoming events.



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