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Clubpenguin cheats,secrets,guide and glitches.


Hey!! This is Chivas88 and Koolone45! We will help you on Clubpenguin. We will update everyday! We will give you hint,glitches , secrects, and more!


7 Responses

  1. Hey! Nice Blog ya got here! It’s GREAT! -RoBo

    • Thanks.

      Can you give me some ideas to put stuff on it and can you teach me how to make a tracker??

  2. Hey chivas88, nice site. It’s me Big Clowny. If you want I can advertise your website all over clubpenguin and more people will visit your site. Hope you have a very successful website.

  3. Hi chivas88, I got the message and if you want to meet go on the server Yeti. We will meet at the ice berg. Hope to see you soon.

    Big Clowny

  4. ok we’ll meet at 5:00.

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